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      Getting paid fairly for your time is something that is quite hard to do in the few corners of the internet that I inhabit. There are survey sites and websites that scam your time with disqualifications and withheld payments,

      I can safely say User Testing is one of the most highly reputable sites to make money online.

      They pay $10 a flat fee for every test and each test takes anywhere from 7 minutes to 15 minutes.

      This works out to be quite a fantastic payrate.

      It is a case of saying what you see. A brand will have a website or a prototype that they want your opinion on, how you navigated the site or your thoughts on fonts, text or colours. While working through the tasks you have to speak aloud and explain your thought process as you click through the site.

      As someone who works in digital, it is easy for me to verbalise my thoughts and even use some of the digital vocabulary that the client’s digital team will most likely be using.

      The only issue with the site is waiting for tests to come in, The online dashboard stays open and you hear the notification bell and it is a case of answering a set to screening questions to see if you are right for the test. They might want a Skateboarder who likes o use Instagram or a Business Analyst who uses a certain project management system. It can take a while to get accepted on a decent day I will get 1 or 2 tests or $20 and on a really good day 3 tests $30

      They pay weekly exactly 7 days after each test is completed and they never withold payment or underpay




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      Are there other sites like this? Are you signed up to a few at the same time.


      Can I learn user testing as a skill and if so where? Because this seems like something I can do but im not sure if its really in demand

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      You are right. Unfortunately i realized most of the user testing sites are very choosy on countries or people they can work with. This was a total turn off for me.

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        any idea what countries they allow?

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        They mostly need people from developed countries. That’s  where they expect to earn most from. Also they prefer people who have used services/apps/sites like they offer fairly extensively.


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      UserTesting is a good avenue, But it has a couple of limitations that are very limiting.

      1. Getting selected for UserTesting is a task in itself. The criterions for selection & geographical choices are very specific to the task.

      2. The quantum of work would not be steady and substantial.

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