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      I feel that youtube is by far the most overrated making money online platform. Many people are claiming to make millions from it, but i look at it as a passing fad. Its days are numbered, just like Amazon, soon they will discover it wasn’t here to stay!

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      You read my mind @Jeremy. I also have a feeling that one day, people will wake up to a rude shock that YouTube is no longer the cashcow that they have been milking for years. This is the right time for people to hop in and mint some $$$ from YouTube. Such successes don’t last forever. And the early birds will always be the ones to catch the worms!


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      it remains huge money maker for those with heavy influence in the industry but if you are a small player it will take time for sure.

      you can still profit a lot, but you need to have good contents and very good quality. have to be creative or you will never make it along with may who try and fail.

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      YouTube is good for celebrities’ but it will prove hard for common folks. Also, It’s now way overcrowded. Everyone nowadays is a Tuber. Too many jobless or people with time on their hand are hustling there.

      The content is going downhill by the time. Most videos are hustled copies of something popular. Duration of the most videos also forcibly stretched with repetition and/or blabber.

      On top of it, YT has made it even harder for beginners over the years. YT is too much influenced by advertisers.

      All this things are reducing interest from viewers and budding content producers.

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