Bitcoin at $23500, how far will it go?

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      Where do you think it will stop. Nobody thought it would get this high, but what is it really useful for anyway?

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      It will go past $100,000, possibly much higher but nothing is certain. All we do know is that its’ volatitliy creates massive opportunities for earning a lot of money. And losing a lot, if you’re not careful.


      At this point I’d say it’s gambling, but if you stick to some simples rules like buying when it’s really low, then you won’t have as much to lose and all that much more to gain in the end.

      “There is a gigantic difference between earning a great deal of money and being rich.” —Marlene Dietrich

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      I’m wondering whether to invest or is it too late? Seems to be on a downward trend now…

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      I think it will increase hard to say though ✌️😶

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      I predict that before the year-end, it will hit an all-time high. This enough evidence that Bitcoin’s price is not affected by forces that are affecting the fiat currency as a result of the pandemic.

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      at 25500 right now. we will see where it goes by end of year and start of 2021. mer personally i have a lot invested in BTC and ETH cryptocurrencies.

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      Looks to be shooting to the moon. We’ll see if/when the all drops, that the price does too. Fingers crossed.

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      BTC hits 34K and how?! It has been crazy run from about 12K. Last week has been even crazier! But it seems now in bobble zone. Entry here seems very risky. Nobody knows how far the rally will go. It will definitely fall from top.

      In last rally of 2016, It had a crazy run to 20K. But then fell to 5K. it took 5 years for people to breakeven who entered in 2016 Top.

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