Top Legitimate Affiliate Platforms to Earn Money

Choose From the Most Profitable Affiliate Platforms Online

Not all affiliate programs are equal. Some are big, some are small, some are profitable and some aren't. Discover new affiliate platforms and lucrative niches that you can begin earning with right now.

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Affiliate Marketing Overview

Affiliate marketing offers an exciting opportunity for interested online earners, but it’s not easy and requires a strong focus and adaptability skills. Whether you’re just starting in the affiliate game, or you’re already a seasoned vet with considerable earnings, you may find interest in some of the affiliate programs listed below. We have gathered, through our current trend research, which Affiliate programs are being utilized most as we enter into 2021.


What kind of affiliate programs are out there?

As an affiliate partner, you have the luxury of picking and choosing what you want to sell. Even more so, you can pick and choose if you’re interested in selling services, products, memberships – you name it, if you can buy it online then you may find an affiliate program to begin selling it. Digital courses, online subscriptions, and even physical products can be monetized through affiliate sales in just about every niche industry you can imagine.


Most Popular Affiliate Programs

These are the big platforms that you should keep an eye on. Including huge retailers like Amazon and digital products from Clickbank, these larger platforms offer higher conversions with their well recognized branding. Unfortunately with this comes the ever decreasing commission rates. Such platforms like Amazon have been lowering affiliate commissions yearly as the brand becomes more recognizable and they don’t require as much advertising from their affiliate partners.


Amazon Affiliate Program

One of the the most expansive affiliate programs, the amazon affiliate platform allows you to sell just about any product from their website listings and earn a revenue percentage from each sale. The percentage offered is dependent on the category that the items is listed in. For instance, luxury beauty store items are offered at a %10 commission rate, while TVs and video games only net a %2.00 commission rate from Amazon’s affiliate network. A list of categories and their correspondent commission rates are listed in the below table;

Not only can you sell physical products from amazon’s ecommerce store, you can even earn as an affiliate from their bounty programs and incentive rewards for prime subscriptions, digital kindle ebooks, and a whole lot more. Some of these programs offer direct cash incentives, making them highly lucrative when combined with the right audience.


Clickbank Affiliate Platform

One of the leading sources for digital learning products and guides, Clickbank offers its customers a wide array of products, tools, and courses that can be promoted for high commissions, sometimes topping %50, or more. The Clickbank affiliate platform may be the last stop you’ll need in your affiliate marketing career as many high-income earners make significant profits promoting these products.


Top Earning Niches And Affiliate Programs

There are an assortment of niches and sub-categories you can earn with online. We have listed a few of some of the most profitable niches to choose from. It’s up to you to dive in, twist, and optimize a more specific sub-category in one of these niches and make it your own. Broadly, these are super-saturated termer and will be hard to rank for, but you can still compete with medium and long-tail keywords relating to the niche.

Legit Gambling Affiliate Networks

Affiliate gambling programs will always remain a lucrative niche to jump into, especially as states and countries worldwide begin allowing unrestricted online gambling through sports betting, poker, and even political wagering. Bet365, Betfair, and FortuneJack Partners remain some of the top gambling affiliate platforms that can yield serious revenue, especially if you can recruit a few whales – that is, a person who spends an exorbitant amount on gambling either as a hobby, or sometimes an addiction. Not for the feint of heart.


Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

With Bitcoin surging past $24,000 just recently, there could not be a better time than now to start taking advantage of what bitcoin affiliate programs have to offer. As more crypto users come on board, you can take advantage of the various startups surrounding Bitcoin’s rise. Various startups utilizing bitcoins such as Coinbase’s coin wallet, FortuneJack’s Bitcoin Casino, and Kraken cryptocurrency trading platform.


Freelancing Affiliate Programs

Fiverr, Freelancer, and Elance all have affiliate platforms that can provide an ample opportunity for those seeking to advertise freelance services. Linking someone directly to a freelancer assures that you will get paid when anyone signs up and purchases their services. This means that as companies pursue freelancers on these platforms, if you are the one who linked them from your affiliate link, then you could be earning every time someone hires a freelancer from that platform. This can add up to a full-time income source for those serious in applying their affiliate aptitude into the freelancer industry.


Join the GigTut Affiliate Program

Yes, even we have our own affiliate program which you can apply and start earning from. We offer our affiliates %40 commissions on each of our “Gold” subscription sales. This means that you will earn a profit of $2.00 for each sale you generate. Our affiliate cookies last 60-days and you can earn continual recurring commissions over the lifetime of each member. We have affiliates earning consistently every month with our incentives offer, and we hope you can too while taking advantage of our $10 minimum withdrawal through Paypal.

To apply, please register on our affiliate program page to get started. Once you’ve submitted your application, you will be approved and gain to access the GT affiliate dashboard where you can make withdrawals and make use of the tools we’ve provided to help grow your affiliate campaigns.