Mastering the Art of Print-on-Demand [POD]

Using Print-On-Demand to Make Money Online

POD platforms are popping up as demand for no-inventory business models increase. Don't miss out on fast-growing opportunities in the POD industry and take advantage of these new platforms.

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Mastering the Art of Print on Demand

Learning the nuances of Print on Demand may be one of the best things you can do for yourself if you’re aspiring to make money online from your home. Equipping yourself with the knowledge needed to get your foot in the door and begin building a successful POD business can benefit you monetarily with short and long-term potential in earning.

What is POD (Print on Demand)?

Anachronized as POD, Print on Demand is the process of selling your own custom designs and patterns on a variety of different products. Essentially, you will be working with a supplier who offers white-label products which feature your own personal designs on them. You then will sell these products on a per-order basis using your own brand name.

POD platforms will print your designs onto blank products and then ship them to your customers. You pay the supplier for their blank products and the printing you will place on it, and then sell that product to customers at a higher price.

What makes Print on Demand such a great business model is the fact that you are only paying for the products that you sell. That means that for you, there is almost no capital risk present at all, no stress with inventory, and no worries about shipping. All that you need to concern yourself with is growing your business, researching and exploring new graphics and designs, and being able to optimize your store and brand when trends begin to change.

Using POD Platforms to Earn Money Online

POD, or Print on Demand, platforms are a great way that you can earn money at home while also making products that represent your brand or business. You can do this by ensuring that your online customers are enticed by the products you offer. Unique product designs and professional branding are both elements to be considered when finding the graphics to use for your POD website.

Making a successful POD business presents tons of potential for a brand owner, and some creative avenues for earning money through your own online store. By using a POD platform, you are able to essentially advertise and sell your own creations while building up a reputation without worrying about logistics such as inventory and shipping.

Print-on-Demand platforms that you can use when selling your products online can vary in quality as well as what products they offer. Using popular POD platforms such as Printful, for example, offers a variety of blank-label products that can showcase your designs, while others may only specialize in custom t-shirts or mugs.

When trying to start up your POD business online, make sure that you take into account what the platform offers you, and whether or not that fits the vision you have in mind and the products that your customers are after. Don’t compromise, find the best fit for you and roll with it – Meaning, if a product you list starts to sell, even in small quantities, it becomes your next goal to figure out why it’s selling and gear your products towards what’s currently working. Adapting with trending niche opportunities can ensure you success well into the future, especially if you’re particular about your niche research to begin with.

Products that can be Customized with POD

Products that you can sell as a POD business include clothes like t-shirts, sweatpants, hoodies or jackets. You may even branch off into other things, depending on your audience, and produce your own books, coffee cups, stationary, stickers, and notebooks.

print on demand products POD

Products like backpacks and bags are also quite popular, as well as baseball caps and even phone covers.
Essentially anything that you can think of that serves a practical purpose and can be used on a regular basis can serve as a POD product. Think small, useful items that will see a lot of use by their owners.

The Best Print on Demand Platforms

Some of the very best Print on Demand platforms are those which offer you with various options for products and allow you to make and design the products you intend to sell specifically tailored to your liking.

New POD platforms are popping up as demand for no-inventory business models drive increased demand for Print-On-Demand services. We have compiled a list below displaying a handful of popular POD platforms available right now;

Merch by Amazon

This is a great platform for those who only aim to sell t-shirts and sweatshirts (as that is all that they offer). Amazon handles everything for you from order fulfillment to product creation.


Zazzle is a great platform if you are looking to sell a wide variety of products. They can print on things such as t-shirts and mugs, as is the norm, but even on things like face masks and skateboards! They are most famous for their paper stocks and business cards.


Considered by many to be the quintessential POD platform, Printify handles order fulfillment, shipping, and printing while offering quality products and extensive features for further customization.


TeePublic specializes in making custom t-shirts. They are known for their super fast delivery time and good quality of clothing.


Offering a very high standard of quality for all of their myriad of products, RedBubble also offers some of the best quality printing in the industry. If you are looking for high quality prints for your products make sure to check RedBubble out.


You can set up a shop on their website and sell your very own designs right there. This is a great platform for newbies to POD, and will help them learn more about the business.


Printful offers one of the best interfaces in the industry, and allows new and experienced POD sellers to benefit. With a customized retail service available so that customers can get exactly what they want and a renowned seamless dropshipping service, Printful is definitely worth a look.

How Much Can You Earn with POD?

With a very successful POD store the sky is the limit when taking into consideration how much your earning potential can be. Depending on how well you conduct and advertise your business is one of the biggest factors that will determine your overall income.

For most POD businesses, though, around a couple hundred dollars every month can be expected when just starting out. Of course, this is all dependent on how you market your POD business, how much you are willing to invest in products and advertising, and the types of products that you are selling. Expect to see increases in income relevant to how much effort you put into getting your brand name out there.

Once you begin seeing success, now is not the time to slow down. With even more capital, you can invest in outsourcing your designs and completely automation your store. Doing so allows your store to essentially run itself and brings your profit with little time on your part. Having such an automated business in a package looks great to invest and potential buyers of your business. You can expect to earn anywhere from 10X to 30X your monthly earnings if you were to sell your store. To learn more about building flipping websites for a profit, check out our website creation and flipping guide here.