Making Real Money with MMO Games

Real Money with Virtual MMO Games

Real-world item trading, account leveling, and game coaching are just some of the ways gamers are earning with virtual MMO games. Massive online games constantly allowing for new opportunities to earn money in the real world, even if you're just playing an online game.

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Making Real Money with MMO Games

Whoever wanted to play MMO games for the rest of their lives will be happy to hear that they can. In fact, you can even do so for a living, considering that MMO games can be potential sources of income. Although a small industry as of today, there are a lot of budding e-sports players who play MMO games as a career.

The best part about it is that you don’t need to invest anything — aside from the cost of downloading the game, of course. All that’s really needed to make real money playing MMO games is time, patience, and dedication. With these, you can build your skills and potentially have a great gaming career ahead of you. 

If you’re interested in learning how to make real money playing MMO games, then this guide’s for you. Read on to find out how you make gaming a living, the top games you should try playing, and ways you can automate MMO games and earn passive income. 


Different Ways to Earn with Online Games

In-Game Trading for Real World Money

In the real world, we buy things that we can actually touch, see, and use. Material things are typically what we spend our money on.But you’ll be surprised to hear that MMO games are a world of their own. Similar to real-life scenarios, in-game worlds have their own economy and real-world money is being circulated online. 

A lot of MMO games have items, limited edition grabs, character attires, and skins, etc. that can be sold. In-game items that you cannot touch physically are actually worth a lot of money. And this gave rise to different economical transactions inside MMO games, such as trading. Items within the game are being traded to other players in exchange for real money or those with higher or lesser values. The value of items in a game can also potentially increase depending on in-game supply and demand principles — and a lot of players are willing to pay real money to obtain rare in-game items.


Account Leveling and Quest Completion

One of the most common ways that gamers can make money playing video games is through account leveling and quest completion. Considering that a lot of time and energy is needed to achieve higher ranks and levels, many people are willing to pay big money for accounts or characters that are already among the high ranks. This is what gamers call “farming”, where one person levels up an account or character in-game and then sells it to potential buyers. 

If you want to try this strategy and earn money, you need to have plenty of time on your hands. You will be the one putting in the work to increase your rank and then sell them off to other gamers or those who simply want to experience the game without putting in the work. 


Investing in MMO Currency “Stocks”

MMO stocks are also rapidly rising and are even thought to be “recession-proof”, considering that the currency value just keeps getting higher and higher. MMO stocks are attractive to investors because it’s relatively cheap to invest in them and a good return on investment can be expected. Some companies that produce MMO games, which are also coincidentally doing well in the MMO stock market include: 

  • Activision Blizzard
  • Electronic Arts 
  • NCsoft 
  • Sony Corporation 
  • THQ Inc 


Top Games to Make Real Money With

OSRS Runescape 3

If you’re keen on trying your hand at earning real money by playing MMO games, OSRS Runescape 3 is one of your best options. If you know the ropes and dedicate your time to the game, you can potentially make it your ultimate profit source. The best way to earn money in OSRS Runescape 3 is by farming gold, which involves leveling up accounts, characters, and items within the game and later on selling all your hard work to buyers.Automating processes, playing on multiple accounts, and staking are common strategies used by OSRS Runescape 3 players to maximize their efforts and earn more profit. 


Word of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a very complex game that not a lot of players (even experienced ones) can fully understand and get good at right away. But that doesn’t mean that nobody wants to play it. 

World of Warcraft is a highly-raved game, making it attractive to several gamers. And because it’s so complicated, a lot of people lean into buying accounts that have already leveled up. Hence, farming gold is a viable money-making venture in World of Warcraft. Players can also sell the gold that they have accumulated to third party sites. 



One of the most popular MMO games, Fortnite is played by millions of gamers. And some have made it their full-time job. There are many ways to make money by playing Fortnite. One is through the Fortnite Battle Royale, an in-game tournament where the winner is rewarded with real money. Fortnite tournaments are also hosted by third party sites and organizations. 


Another way is through boosting. How this works is that experienced and skilled Fortnite players get paid, often by the hour, to play on a client’s account and level up their in-game ranks. 

Some also charge depending on how many wins they are able to accomplish. For example, you can charge $25 to $30 every 3 wins or so. 


Automating and Botting MMO Games

Typically, earning money playing MMO games requires hard work and patience. But there is a way to convert it into a source of passive income. That is by automating and botting. A lot of aspects of the game can be automated using software and applications. Through these types of tools, you can select specific settings and “teach” the bot to play the game for you. 

However, this is a strategy that should be used with care. Some games can now detect automation and bots, so you can risk being banned or penalized. Nevertheless, when used carefully, it can help you maximize your profit. You can create multiple accounts, automate them, and then sell the account to other gamers or potential buyers. 


Is it really possible to make money with MMOs?

If you still think that you can’t make money while sitting and playing video games all day — think again. There are a lot of ways you can utilize MMO games and actually earn real money. 

The key, really, is knowing the different ways you can make money in-game and coming up with your strategies and tactics to maximize the profit.