How To Make Money Using Photoshop

Explore the Many Methods Available to Earn Using Photoshop

Learning a new skill like Photoshop can bring in some serious profits if you know what services to offer. Discover the various methods Photoshop experts are using to monetize their graphic design skills with Photoshop and other free photo-editing software.

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Ways to Earn Money With Photoshop

Have a knack for Photoshop? If you’re willing to learn what it takes to make money with photo-editing software like Photoshop, then you may be able to provide yourself with a sustainable income. Learn about the free software alternatives for those looking for a more affordable way to begin offering their services. There are many ways to earn online with Photoshop, but it’s up to you to choose and master (or learn to outsource) a desirable skill that you can sell online for a profit.

This guide will cover the various methods and ways to earn online using photo-editing software like Photoshop. Become familiar with the services you can offer after learning some basic 


Download Free Photoshop Alternatives

While Adobe’s Photoshop comes with all of the bells and whistles included in its cloud-based software subscription, it’s not the only choice out there for editing photos. In fact, there are free alternatives out there that come with their own uses and advantages. All of the capabilities that come with Photoshop can make it bulky and harder to work with, especially if you really only need to utilize just a few techniques for your service business.


PhotoPea; Free Photoshop Alternative

The PhotoPea photo-editing extension works just like Photoshop. 100% browser-based and low impact on your computing resources, you can use photopea to do just about everything that Photoshop can do. While not fully optimized with all of Photoshop’s capabilities, if you are just in the need for editing images and basic designs, then you can take full advantage of everything Photopea has to offer in its intuitive user interface.


Free Gimp Photo-Editing Software

Similar to Photopea, Gimp is another photo-editing software used by many professionals and beginners alike. While aesthetically different and slightly more challenging to become accustomed to, Gimp is free and downloads in just a few clicks. Bootstrapping your design skills with free photo-editing software is a workaround to laying down a monthly subscription on creative cloud.


Learning Photoshop Quickly and Easily

If you’re already familiar with using Photopea, Gimp, or PS – then you can skip ahead to the next section.

With the assistance of some step-by-step instructional YouTube videos, even a novice can pick up the photo-manipulation techniques necessary to provide valuable work. With a little bit of practice, anyone can import images and make the required edits to master Photoshop. Whether you’re a freelancer or just trying to sell your service gigs, then becoming a graphics expert is certainly a worthwhile skill to learn.


Background Removal Service

There are millions of products out there, and they all require professional background removers to finalize product photos with white backgrounds. These services are required buy most Ecommerce businesses that display their products online, as well as numerous other digital services and stores that need product photo color alterations and similarl services. It’s never too late to learn how to use the pen tool in Photoshop and create stunning white background product photos with the click of a magic wand.


Photo Manipulation Freelance Work

With Photoshop, anything can be accomplished and this includes major photo edits and manipulations. Such services include real estate photo manipulations for agents making aesthetic adjustments to their property photos. Landscapers and architects are always looking for photo edits and rendering spriornto their initial construction to ensure customer satisfaction before any significant spending is accrued. Adding a tree there, moving a fence here, and removing some windows in a photo is something even beginners in Photoshop can learn how to do. Professional level editing is achievable with some consistent practice and digital know-how.


Create a Photo Restoration Service

Not only do professionals and businesses seek photo editing services, but even your typical household citizen can be interested in having their old photos digitally restored back to their original shape. This is a service you can provide that will stand the tests of time as physical photos deteriorate with age. Many of your clients will appreciate you bringing memories back from your photo restoration services and they will discuss it with their friends; word-of-mouth being a great way to expand organically – be sure to provide business cards in your mailings if you’re offering a physical photo restoration, as well.


Design Websites and User-Interfaces (UI)

Probably the most lucrative of the ways to make money with Photoshop would be learning to create user interfaces for websites. Without learning to code, you can become acquainted with the industry standard and best practices for UI designs and provide quality conceptual design services to companies seeking to better their user-experience on their websites and digital stores. Do not skimp on charging your customers a premium on quality and customer service, as while this skill can be lucrative, it’s surely the most involved and time-consuming of these methods.


YouTube Thumbnail Design Service

If there’s one trick that big YouTuber’s know, it’s that video thumbnails can attract numerous quantities of viewers to your videos with the right viral content and niche appeal. Those who can put together a 1280X720 .jpg image and make it look absolutely incredible can monetize their image editing skills with this lucrative creative outlet for graphic designers and Photoshop users.


Teaching Photoshop for Extra Income

Become a certified adobe expert and set yourself apart from the others with professional certifications given by accredited educators. The Adobe Education Exchange offers Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certifications for those willing to endure the qualification process. You can view more about the steps necessary for becoming an adobe certified expert here or by submitting your application to Adobe’s certification website at


Frequently Asked Photoshop Earning Questions

Where can I advertise my services as professional image editor?

If you’re looking to expand your clientele as a designer or image editor, you may consider two options. First, you can become a freelancer. As a freelancer you can take advantage of freelance and gig platforms like UpWork and Fiverr. These platforms will allow you to sell your services. Or you can go the traditional, but increasingly more common route of starting your own business and website for your service business. Advertising on places like local classifieds and relevant Facebook groups can increase your overall user-base and help increase awareness of your brand.


Can I Outsource these services to expand my business?

The simple answer is, yes. You can scale your business by outsourcing your workflow to virtual assistants or capable graphic designers. If you go this route, it’s up to you to provide an efficient and intuitive process for your employed worker to follow. Your system must have a clear approach and follow simple orders like in a bullet-point or numbered, step-by-step list of orders. Your workers should be vetted and well-qualified to ensure a happy end customer; after all, they do not know that you are just the middleman so keep the work high-quality to ensure customer satisfaction.

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