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If you're familiar with you dropshipping then you're aware if the hassles of long delivery times from your suppliers. This guide goes beyond the surface of the dropship industry with ways to find faster shipping supplier to host a more reliable dropship business from your website.

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E-commerce Dropshipping with Fast Shipping

We’re all familiar with dropshipping; that is selling a product which is packaged and fulfilled by a supplier or third party distributor and sent directly to the customers of your ecommerce store. If you’ve had any prior experience with it then you might know it’s claims to glory may not lead up to all of the hype surrounding it, especially lately. In fact, it turns out that many wannabe entrepreneurs spend thousands of dollars on courses and mentors to teach them the secrets of this tricky beast, only to find that it’s all a bunch of hearsay and horse manure. That’s okay, we’re here to give it to you straight. This guide will cover the ins and outs of dropshipping, as well as an overview of various dropship databases and techniques you can use to find fast shipping dropship suppliers.


Why Dropshippers Usually Fail

No guru or mentor will ever tell you this; most dropshippers usually fail because they are not engaging critically in what they are trying to accomplish. The goal is to sell a product, a product that sells consistently and with great customer satisfaction. It’s apparent that many who dip their feet in the water sometimes get scared away because it rises to be more of an obstacle than previously thought. If it was easy, we’d all be dropshipping from our islands in the Maldives.

New dropshippers are notorious for going the easy route. You may be familiar with choosing a product on aliexpress, throwing it into a shopify template, and running Facebook ads. As it turns out, there’s a lot more involved in launching an online business like this. But it doesn’t mean you have to work harder. It does mean that you have to encourage yourself to be creative and critical of your own work; would you buy that flimsy chinese product that will take 22 days to ship? No, then unsatisfied customers will tear the brand apart, eventually leading to its downfall. It’s happened numerous times on many occasions, so don’t bother making the same mistakes.

Those with experience will know what it’s like to get your first product return and refund. It’s not a fun process, especially when you are the middleman and you have to keep track of the customer’s and supplier’s satisfaction with each order.


Fast Shipping Dropship Suppliers

Faster delivery shipping provides a great avenue to outshine your competition with a much quicker product while still not skimping on the quality. Dropshipping suppliers on international platforms like alibaba or aliexpress, Print-on demand suppliers in the US, and manually researched USA suppliers, are all great ways to find fast and willing suppliers for your dropshipping Ecommerce website.


Dropship Supplier Platforms

We’ll start with the major dropshipping platforms that you can use for free to find suppliers for your product. These include; Alibaba, dhgate, and, and can all be used to extrapolate supplier information.  Doing a product search for a single product or a whole assortment of niche products will yield a multitude of mostly international suppliers from the Chinese mainland. It’s highly recommended to further investigate the supplier for legitimacy and whether they can fulfill your needs as a seller. You can expect to find shipping delivery time claims from 5 days, all the way to 60+, which may not always be suitable for the audience you’re selling to, especially now when we’re accustomed to Amazon’s extremely competitive prime delivery service.


AliExpress 7-Day Shipping

So what can we do about these abnormally low shipping times on all of these dropship platforms? Fortunately, Aliexpress displays a unique badge that some suppliers hold which shows 7-Day Delivery options for dropshipping their products right to your customers. Typically, these products are held in a warehouse residing in the US or the same country that you’re selling in. To find these fast-ship products on Aliexpress, follow the steps below;

  1. Begin by searching broadly for the niche products applicable to your store. If your niche is too specific, it may not return as many results to pick from. 
  2. Select “United States” shipping if you’re selling from the USA. This will ensure that fastest delivery times from warehouse stock contained in North America. P2
  3. Once you’ve selected your shipping location preferences, select “7-Day Ship” if the option shows. If it does not show, that means there may not be any items available from your search.
  4. After you’ve found a product that fits your store and offers fast shipping options, you can proceed to check the product reviews, in case the items being sold do not live up to their descriptions.

Many suppliers will have fake or incentivized reviews, take them with a grain of salt. It’s always a good idea to order an item and check it yourself for flaws if you are concerned with your reputation, as you will be offering it from your own store. 

Also note that aliexpress dropshippers tend to run out of stock, and switch things up occasionally when storing in US warehouses. This can make a frustrated owner and customer which is another reason to maintain a solid relationship directly with the supplier.


Print-On-Demand Services

Also known as POD, print-on-demand services are popping up as more and more potential brand owners get prints of their artwork available on merchandise to offer as their own products. Platforms like Printify, Printful, and Teespring all offer POD and product fulfilment services. This means that just like dropshipping, these specialized printing platforms can create your custom designs and dropship the merchandise right to your customers.

POD opens up an array of possibilities as brand owners, designers, and artists can all take advantage of the benefits of selling their custom artwork on high quality physical goods. These platforms allow users to upload their artwork and effectively outsource the rest of the business.

Some ideas for printing with a print-on-demand dropshipping provider include merchandise like custom-printed shirts, tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, mugs, accessories, and the list goes on. If you’ve ever wanted to start your own fashion brand or merch store, there is no better time than now to jump in while the market is ripe for creative design.


Manual Reach

If you’re still struggling with finding a supplier willing to dropship the products for your ecommerce store, consider reaching out to manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and suppliers directly. They may be able to offer more than you might expect for your business. Some companies are willing to offer dropshipping options. Even locally, you may find access to a supplier that not many may know about.


Marketing Your Ecommerce Store

Potentially one of the tougher steps when it comes to getting your store launched; acquiring sales. As stated previously, a larger budget will determine how quickly you will start seeing sales to begin testing conversions. Thankfully, those of us with a smaller budget, or even no startup capital at all, can still benefit from the aid of free traffic sources. We’re going to overview some free and paid traffic methods for getting more sales to your ecommerce dropship shop. 


Free Traffic Methods

It’s best not to look past the low hanging fruit when trying to attain traffic, especially when the fruit ripe and easy pickings. Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube all engage users in free content. Provide valuable content to your audience and they will be sure to use your products. There’s a reason influencers are the gatekeepers to large niche audiences, and that’s because they provided valuable content in a meaningful way to their subscribers.

Also, niche groups like subreddits, Facebook groups, and online forums can be beneficial for those seeking to engage with community members about their related products. 

Don’t go overboard on spamming all message boards with your store. Instead, venture slowly and introduce yourself with useful information. This is a sure tactic to generate a steady stream of uses to your website.


Paid Traffic Methods

For a real consistent and steady flow of traffic, look to paid advertising such as Google or Bing advertising platforms. The go-to in search traffic, anyone using PPC advertising will find their audience deeply invested into their search for the product you offer. Be sure to use related keywords when defining advertising metrics and engage with new buyers through email newsletters and instant chat support on your landing pages.


Scaling Your Dropship Business

On a low budget, starting a store might come with it’s own set of challenges. This should not come unexpected as many serious entrepreneurs are also thriving in this industry with lots of capital to invest. This doesn’t mean you can’t compete with them, however – the sea is very big and full of an abundance of fish. Ingenuity and determination to keep going when you think you’ve failed will benefit you in this game.

Some suppliers offer the option of adding your own logo and branding onto their products. Most of the time time, this will come at the request that you buy a bulk shipment of products directly. This would also mean that you are responsible for fulfilling and shipping the orders, unless you employ a third party shipping and fulfilment service. Not necessarily an unmanageable request, inventory holding will allow you to sell at higher margins for the long-run, so long as you are confident in your ability to generate sales to begin offloading it.


Frequently Asked Dropship Questions

How do you choose a niche for your store?

Choosing a niche for your dropshipping ecommerce store is the first step in defining what kind of store you will have and what you will be offering. Pet products, beauty accessories, and sports equipment are just some examples of the vast niche opportunities. Walk the fine line of specifying interesting niche products while still leaving the availability open for quick shipping options. Finding engaging and unique products for consumers is crucial to creating a successful business – so instead you may consider compiling available products from your suppliers first, and following up with narrowing down the niche and branding selection of your overall store.


What is the best platform to build a dropshipping website?

Many that are just beginning start with a combination of content management systems like wordpress or shopify, and integrate plugins for dropshipping automation such as Oberlo, or AliDropship, etc. Building a website can be a simple process if you’re selling a basic product. However, difficulty increases as upgrades are required if your store expands.


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