Earn Over $100/hr With These Freelancing Skills

100 per hour freelancing skills

Earn Over $100 Per Hour With These Freelancing Skills

Taking advantage of your skills can be one of the quickest ways to make money. Not only does it makes sense, but it may be your best option in earning an income online. Certainly being one of the most reliable options, freelancing remains a great opportunity to make money online.

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Gone are the days when freelancing was deemed as ‘just a side-hustle’. If you’re in touch with current digital trends, you know by now that freelancing jobs are an evident full-time income source that many people all over the world are taking advantage of.

More and more individuals have realized the luxurious privilege of working from home while earning an income through the use of your own skills, talents, and experiences. Here’s your chance to take a skillset, or learn a new one and apply it directly. The easy-access freelancing platforms and  newer technology opens new career opportunities for new generations of workers.

With these top freelancing skills, you will have the option to choose your clients, select your time, work comfortably anywhere, and even earn $100+ per hour if you can perform skills that are high in demand. Entrepreneurs and self-starters are embracing this kind of self-employment flexibility as the so-called “cubicle” jobs becomes less appealing. Say goodbye to your boss peering over your shoulder, but say hello to self-discipline and providing top-quality customer service on your own.

Find out what the freelancing skills that can help make you your own boss. 2021 is all about finding the right niche and providing the highest quality service possible. Staying on top of the growing freelance niches can be a sure-fire way to establish a sustainable online income through your own means.

Freelancing Skills That Pay Over $100 an Hour

The various freelancing roles are quite broad and not entirely included in the list below as they are always changing depending on demand. Nevertheless, these freelancing skills are certified as high-paying hustles is we enter the future of 2021 and beyond.

Architectural Design and Rendering

Individuals who have a knack for visual symmetry have a place in the freelancing world, particularly architectural design and rendering. They are the artists behind three-dimensional and two-dimensional images of architectural designs for a specific projects like buildings, facades, and interior layouts. Designers will illustrate a building or a particular place in a life-like model to bring a vivid vision of the actual infrastructure to life. The more realistic the quality of the images, the more per hour than can be earned.

Digital Copywriting

It’s time to wield the keyboard warrior in you and help brands, companies, and campaigns appear more engaging with your excellent written content. Digital copywriters tailor the style and content according to the purpose of the copy whether it’s used for information, sales, or both.

Graphics and Creative Design

A good eye for creative design is a sign of a bright freelancing career. If you have the skills to play with visual content, then companies will chase you like crazy these days. This skill is too in-demand that you’ll encounter hiring posts in every online job listing there is. A graphic and creative design professional produces engaging visuals to communicate a message. Through interactive designs, graphic artists apply page layout techniques, pictures, typography, etc.

Industrial Design and 3D Modeling


Those impressive product visuals that triggered your recent purchase of appliances are the product of effective industrial design and 3D modeling.

Now you can be the next hands that can bring wonders to some brands. Industrial design and 3D modeling illustrate and describe the framework of a product. It’s also a helpful visual material to see the total design scope of the product.

Digital Marketing Automation


Using dependable software, you will be the top expert in completing repetitive marketing tasks to increase sales and generate more leads.

Digital marketing automation saves the day by letting users experience sending messages in real-time. It is a perfect way to understand the target customers better and adapt the style and approach that fits the most.

Technical Writing

Keen on technical terms and languages? The freelance world has got something for you! Technical writing mainly focuses on documenting instructional materials and software manuals. Generally, technical writers are adept at writing explanations, instructions, and directions for a particular subject.

Social Media Management

For a social media savvy like you, building an online presence for a public figure or brand would be just like breathing. Social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the main outlets where you mostly create, publish, and analyze content for a specific niche.

Another task of a social media manager is to ensure that users are interacting and engaging with what you are presenting.

WordPress Development

Get in the game as a WordPress developer. The duties of such a developer start with implementing and designing websites for different companies through the use of available creation tools.

The development of front-end and back-end as well as the needed plugins and themes will be in your hands. Websites should turn out user-friendly and attractive to garner organic traffic.

Top Growing Freelancing Skills of 2021

Start the year learning freelancing skills that are pivotal to your career growth. Take a look at this line-up below and make your way to a productive and worthwhile freelance life.

Amazon Web Service Development

Provide cloud managing services or minimize system downtime for some of the biggest brands in the industry. As a developer for Amazon web, you will be an answered-prayer for companies that link their service and products with Amazon’s online storage. Keeping the systems safe against failures and cyberattacks is your ultimate goal.

Focus Groups and Survey Taking

Be the channel that helps businesses design their approach based on the data gathered from a survey. Survey taking is not always available everywhere. Some companies still choose to take customer opinions traditionally or in-person. However, this freelance skill is another service in which you can offer to your clients as part of your package.

Mobile App Development

Speaking of ever-growing demands, mobile app developers for both iOS and Android apps deserve a spot on this list. More businesses are now emerging their products by shifting to mobile apps. Mobile developers use C++ or Java, and Swift coding languages to create the apps. You can choose between the available languages and focus on a particular app-building method you prefer.

Virtual Assistance

Different industries are constantly finding ways to stay cost-effective while growing their businesses. Getting a virtual assistant would come as a delight to most business owners as it cuts down costs by 78%. As a virtual assistant, you need to have multiple skill sets to provide a range of services for your clients.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development

You are just in luck if you have an innate fondness for artificial intelligence as it is a huge sector that generates freelance work. Humans will always be the mastermind of all technological advancements. It means working as an AI developer requires that you have a thorough knowledge of facial recognition software, program working voice, etc.

Which Freelancing Skill is Best for You?

Developing freelance skills suitable for you can take you to places far beyond a regular desk job, but be warned – it’s a tough job with increasing competition in a worldwide economy. The increasing demands for these flexible professions have no signs of stopping anytime soon. Hence, this new work set up adaptation is just the beginning remote work opportunities.