Building and Flipping Websites for Profit

Learn to Buy, Build, and Flip Websites to Earn Online

Learning to build and flip websites is a straightforward process that anyone can do with the right ambition. No coding is required to build authoritative and profitable websites for resale. Follow these steps and earn onlinewith website flipping.

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Building and Selling Starter Sites for Money

Even if you’ve never had any experience building websites, you can get started in this business without any coding experience. Anyone can learn how to build websites and brands that are ready to flip for a profit. If you’ve read our domain flipping guide then you know that there is money to be made in this industry. Take it one step further by establishing an online property on your domains to increase profit by many multiples of what the domain alone is valued.

This guide will provide you with an accurate and step-by-step description to building websites from scratch and flipping them for pure profit. 


How to Build Valuable Websites From Scratch

While the task may feel somewhat daunting, the process of building a valuable website to flip is benefited by the utilization of various shortcuts and tools that aid in graphical aesthetics and marketing efforts. The requirements to get started include an internet connection and the cost of a sandwich at your local lunch cafe. 


Choosing a Niche for Your Site

Before choosing your domain name, you must research and decide on a niche to build your website around. Doing so may require research of popular search terms and currently trending topics. 

The main long-term goal will be to acquire maximum search traffic by attaining high ranks on search engine results. To do this, engaging in proper SEO (search engine optimization) techniques such as proper keyword research will allow you to outrank your competition and gain massive traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, etc.

The Google Keyword research tool is free and allows its users to find important search terms surrounding specific topics. For. Another tool offered by Google is their trending topics search platform. Because they are the biggest search provider in the world, Google can gather significant data that’s freely available for the general public. Take advantage of these free tools and learn the basics of researching keywords online that will allow you to build a popular brand.


Picking Your Domain Name

If you haven’t already, check out the domain flipping tutorial and take advantage of the free tools to find expired domains. Choose a domain that is brandable and SEO friendly; each has their advantages, so choose wisely as there are varying circumstances depending on which route you go.

Some of the most affordable options for domains include GoDaddy and Namecheap, but keep your eyes out for deals as you can sometimes find them for $4.99 or less, especially during holiday season promotions. This is a good tactic when buying domain names in bulk quantities.


Choose a Profitable Website Business Type

When flipping websites, it’s important to remember who your audience is. When buying websites, your buyers will be looking for turn-key and automated solutions. Now, this may not always be possible, but there are certainly some types of websites that will sell faster than others. Your buyers will be interested in clean, professional websites that are already earning some revenue. Even if they aren’t earning, there are still some viable strategies to get your site sold if you’ve chosen an in-demand industry.

Some types of business websites you should consider include dropship-style ecommerce stores, software automated services, and outsourced services. Dropshipping is easy because you can sell tons of products without holding any inventory. This is good if you are starting on a low budget and need to test the waters before diving completely in. Take a glance at our dropshipping guide for finding faster dropship products.

Automated and outsourced service websites sell great because they also require virtually no on-going effort aside from basic maintenance and customer service, and even that can be outsourced on the cheap. Some of these service site examples include coupon websites and flight finder services, which you can easily find templates for on themeforest. Your clients will love the intuitiveness and ease of using the template software to run their backend. Also consider services like classified listings and niche-relevant industry databases (ie, a Landscaping Service Database called ScapeList which sells space in their Landscaper’s database listings.)


Developing a Website Without Coding

A commonly held thought is that hosting and building a website requires knowledge of extensive coding and development skills. Fortunately, this is not the case as content management systems have become equipped with increasingly useful templates and drag-and-drop builders that allow professional websites to be built by novices. There is absolutely no coding necessary when building a website using this way.

To start, you’ll need server space to host your website. Platforms like Namecheap offer combined domain and hosting which can be useful if you’re not interested in the extra steps involved in pointing your nameservers to another hosting provider. Once you’ve created an account and registered an available domain for your website, go ahead and install wordpress CMS. Most hosting providers will have a “quick install” option.

Once you have wordpress uploaded onto your hosting account and your domain is pointed to your hosting provider, you can begin the fun part; building your website from the ground up. But don’t worry, we won’t be starting with raw materials. Instead, install a theme like “astra” and use the elementor website builder to design beautifully aesthetic, mobile-friendly, and responsive websites. The drag-and-drop capabilities make it easy for anyone to begin designing great sites that provide sufficient functionality and user-experience.


Authority Websites Vs. Starter Sites

There are two types of websites that can be resold; starter websites which are relatively new and earning small amounts or no revenue at all, and authority websites which have been around for a while and are earning consistently every month. Unless they are built exceptionally well, don’t expect starter sites to sell fast. On the flip side, while they do take considerably longer to build, authority websites that dominate the search engines for a particular subset of keywords and categories, they can be sold very quickly when priced correctly.


Flipping Starter Websites

There are multiple avenues you can take when selling your website for a profit. Believe it or not, you can actually buy and sell websites on ebay. According to the sold listings, there are only a handful sold every week, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a good place to offload your site for money straight to your paypal account. A more sensible approach when selling your starter site is Flippa, which is actually kind of like ebay, except they auction only websites. Starter websites can be flipped on Flippa for generally around $100 to $800. If your website is not earning any revenue, expect to get offers for under $500 on Flippa’s auction platform.


Flipping Authority Websites

When selling an authority website, you are entering more lucrative territory. A reminder, authority websites can take months, if not years to build, so it’s best not to expect to be expecting to pump these web properties out too fast as they take quality content and ample traffic to gain recognition in search engine results and social media influence, etc. Authority websites can be sold on Flippa along with starter sites. However, if you’re proud of your site and can guarantee sustainable and passive income over long periods of time, then don’t mess around with the small guys.

Just like Sedo is the website for big domain buyers, the big website buyers and whales hang out at Empire Flippers. You can expect to list your website on EF for 10X – 30X it’s monthly revenue. Yes, that means if your website is earning $1,000 a month, then you can expect to earn anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 from your authority site in one go.

A common strategy for serious website flippers includes buying websites on the cheap at Flippa and building them up to sell later on at Empire Flippers. If you’re careful and cognizant of the risk, you can expect to earn a considerable income just from buying websites for cheap and selling them for significantly more.


Outsourcing Your Website Flipping Business

Now that you’ve seen how it’s done, consider trying the process yourself and learning the ropes. Once you’re familiar with the process, you can teach it to someone else. Building a team of virtual assistants that specialize in the various tasks involved in building a website is a great way to scale your website flipping business and expand your profits at large.