8 Digital Products to Sell on eBay

Discover Digital Products you can Sell on Ebay

Ebay users make a killing on selling their physical goods every year, but how much can you make selling digital products on Ebay? This guide will look into 8 products you can sell without physically holding any inventory.

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The Top 8 Digital Products to Sell in Your Ebay Store

Discover the best ways that digital entrepreneurs are profiting off of their products without holding any inventory. Digital products can be sold anywhere online, but do you know how much you can make selling digital products on Ebay? Let’s find out.


Digital Products You Can Sell on Ebay

Everyone’s familiar with selling on ebay, but not everyone knows about the art of selling digital products on an ebay store. What is a digital product and how much can I make selling them? The answer is quite simple; a digital product is anything that doesn’t need to be held in a physical inventory. For example, products such as ebooks, gaming items, and domain names can all be sold online but do not need to be packaged or shipped because they are sent online.

Take an in-depth look into what entrepreneurs and digital marketing experts are selling on ebay without having to ship a single item. Not everything requires inventory, and the products listed in this guide will prove just how that becomes possible in the digital age.


Selling Ebooks on Ebay

There are an abundance of quality ebooks floating around (mixed with a lot of trashy ebooks, as well) that you can take advantage of the rights to resell. Looking on most major marketing forums and doing a bit of digging, you can come across troves of content that can be resold on ebay.

Sorting by recently sold listing, we can see there are close to 10,000 results in that last few months. Unfortunately, the demand for high-cost ebooks has dropped significantly in the past decade or so, but it’s still not impossible to tap into this market and take command with a dominant sales page and premium quality content. Most buyers these days will not be buying their ebooks from ebay, so consider other options before grinding away in the low margin ebook game.

Flipping Domain Names on Ebay

Sought after by domain brokers and expert buyers, ebay has become a low-key place for determined domain hunters to find quality domains at relatively low prices when compared with marketplaces like Sedo. Auctioning your domains can be a great way to unload some of your domain portfolio. Be prepared to wait days, weeks, and sometimes months to get an offer close to the price you are looking for. This strategy, however, can bring in high-dollar offers if the domain has a good backlink profile and domain authority.

It’s never too late to begin buying expired domains to sell for a profit. You can learn how to flip domain names here.

Selling Starter Websites

Similar to selling domain names, selling websites on ebay is another way to enter into ecommerce without having to hold any physical products. Ebay buyers are typically interested in turnkey amazon affiliate websites and dropship opportunities. Any website that is determined too complicated from the buyer and you might be receiving many questions without much action as far as sales go.

Sell Your Gaming Accounts on Ebay

Perhaps you have an old gaming account laying around and you’re not using it anymore. You can sell it and actually make money selling your MMO and gaming accounts on Ebay. It may come as a surprise that hundreds of gamer accounts, game items, and gaming currencies are aall sold on ebay everyday. The higher demand for digital gaming assets has increased over time and shows no signs of stopping. Games like Fortnite, League of Legeds, Runescape, Pokemon Go, and many others are dominating ebay sold listings with thousands of sold accounts and gamer inventory.

Courses and Guides

Similar to ebooks, but sold at a higher premium; educational courses and guides have been selling on ebay lately with just under 500 sold listings in the last three months. If you’re creating your own course to sell, Ebay should be included into your list of marketplaces for selling it – but do not rely entirely on ebay as their are many other platforms with a far supreme userbase for digital products such as these.

Magic spells

Yes, you’ve heard that right. While we’re not seriously suggesting this as an option, perhaps selling magic spells online can be categorized as a “digital” product. Not much work involved in delivering this product to your customer, just hope that they don’t come asking for their many back when your spells misfire.

Dropshipping and Ebay

We’re including this one in the list because it opens up the possibility of selling physical goods in your online store without the necessity of holding inventory. Along with dropshipping you can find sellers offering their freelance services much like you would find listed somewhere like Fiverr or Upwork.

Learn more about dropshipping and the ways you can dropship with faster shipping on ebay to earn more sales from your ecommerce store.


Social Media Accounts

Venturing into a grey area with this method, selling social media accounts on ebay is a proven and effective way to make some money from your social profiles. Unfortunately, you cannot write the social media platform you are using in the title or description as this could violated copywrite laws, but people find ways around this by negating any sensitive information. Just be weary, Ebay is not always accepting of account sellers like these, so move with caution when venturing into this space.

Below shows the last few accounts that managed to sell on ebay, ranging in prices from $10, all the way up to almost $1,000. It just goes to show if you’re determined to make money online, a little creativity and ingenuity can go a long way.